Confessions of a Curvy Mom: Swimsuits Were Invented By the Devil

bathing suitBetween the months of October and March, the word "swimsuit" is typically banned from my vocabulary. Why stress myself out about that annoying clothing item when there's no chance I'll have to slip into one anytime soon?

Well, that all changed the moment we decided to take my son to Disney World for spring break. The hotel we are staying at has an amazing pool that my little one -- who has been cooped up all winter long -- can't wait to dip into. Ugh. Now I have to scramble to find a new suit and there is nothing I hate more than bathing suit shopping with my post-baby bod. Finding the "right" one (meaning one I don't have to wear a t-shirt over) is harder than winning the lottery.


To be honest, shopping for swimsuits was a misery long before the kid came along. It's just so uncomfortable. Standing in that dressing room, checking out the flimsy thing from the backside, and refusing to come out. If I won't even show the salesgirl who will at least lie to me about how great I look, how am I going to parade around some beach in it?

You see, I have never been the type to flaunt my assets in a teeny, weenie bikini. It's just not my style. But I can't seem to find one that is cute AND covers the areas I want covered. I honestly don't mind a two-piece. But I need a brand that allows you to mix and match the top and bottom sizes. Thankfully, I came across Malia Mills, a line that lets you do just that. So if you happen to be a large up top and a small on the bottom, this could be the answer.

However, for this trip, I would prefer fuller coverage. I am going to be romping around the pool with a 4-year-old, after all. But I want a swimsuit that pulls double duty -- covers and also makes me look leaner. I know. Sounds like a fairytale worthy of Walt Disney, right? I thought so too at first. Then I came across the Spanx line of swimwear. Apparently, it's not just good for those tummy-sucking body shapers. When the Whittle Waistline Draped One-Piece arrived, I swear I could hear angels singing. It's cute and totally functional (aka, it doesn't ride up or slip off). So, while I still think swimsuits in general are the devil's way of torturing us, this cute suit has me more optimistic about my options going forward.

How do you feel about bathing suit shopping? What brands work for you?


Image via verypurpleperson/Flickr

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