I Went Brunette & Found Out Blond Was More Fun (PHOTOS)

blonde hairMy hair had been long, straight, and blond for what seemed to be an eternity. When I was younger I used to experiment, cut, color, and go bold on a whim, but since becoming a mom, I've kind of just stuck with my style.

Until recently.

I wasn't ready to cut it, but I wanted a change. A BIG change. So I decided to go brunette. Not just some subtle low-lights, but a "big, dramatic change" I told my stylist.


So big and dramatic change I got. My own 9-year-old son didn't recognize me, and I had several friends whose kids came home and said, "Mrs. Evans did something to her hair!" I got lots of double takes, and it was fun to see people's surprised reactions to the change.

It was a nice change too. I think it worked well with my skin tone, and made my eyes much bluer (they tend to look green with blonde hair). Though I will say as much as it made my eyes stand out, it also made my under-eye circles stand out, which wasn't such a bonus. The consensus from my friends and family, however,  was that they liked it. "Don't ever go back to blond," more than one friend told me.

brown hair

But I had to ... and much sooner than I wanted to. I went brunette in early December and figured I'd keep it that way at least until summer. What I didn't plan for, however, is that all of those highlights over the years were hiding something major -- gray hairs. And LOTS of them.

Mixed in with my blond highlights, I rarely ever noticed grays, and if I did, I don't think anyone else could. But contrasted against that dark brown hair ... oh, it was bad. And depressing. Some women embrace the gray, and good for them. I'm just not one of them. Not even close.

So back to blond I went last week. It's a much subtler blond this time, as it had gotten too light for my taste before. And I'm good with it. I still see brunettes and look wistfully at their locks sometimes, but I know that for me, being blond is way more fun than facing a bunch of gray in the mirror.

Have you ever changed your hair color dramatically?


Images via Julie Ryan Evans

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