Shave 'Down There' With Caution: Pubic Hair Razor Accidents on the Rise

Be careful, all of you love birds that are thinking about doing something a little extra special down there for your soul mate this Valentine’s Day -- statistics show that pubic hair grooming injuries are on the rise. An estimated 2,500 people a year show up at ERs with injuries serious enough to require professional medical attention.

Researchers say that’s probably a vast underreporting of the countless mishaps that people keep to themselves. Let’s face it -- that’s got to be a lot of people, since taking extra care with the hair down there has become a cultural norm in recent years. Surveys show that almost 90 percent of young women in the U.S. partially or fully remove the stuff, and up to 78 percent of men do it too -- regardless of sexual orientation.

Phew! That’s a lot of busy beavers! Hehe -- beavers. Ok, I’ll stop now.


Shaving with razors was by far the biggest culprit, accounting for 83 percent of the injuries sustained. Damage from scissors came next with nearly 22 percent of the blame, and hot wax was behind with 1.4 percent of the reported injuries.

This doesn’t have to be the end of the road for the ‘bald is beautiful’ crowd -- with a little bit of TLC, a sharp blade, and a steady hand, you can manage this personal grooming in the privacy of your own home.

First, trim excess hair with manicure scissors, or your husband’s electric beard trimmer. Remember to maybe mention this to your husband before you decide to write a step-by-step on the Internet.

Then take a hot shower or bath, or push a warm, wet washcloth to the area for several minutes. The goal is to swell the hairs so the razor can catch them more easily. I think. That sounds right, but the key thing here is that it works.

Now lather up some shave gel or lotion, grab your new (i.e., sharp) razor, and get to work! You can sit on the floor with your legs open, or put a leg up in the shower. However you feel comfortable gaining access to the places you need to go, do it. Take off as much or as little hair as you like; it’s a personal decision.

Pull your skin taunt with your non-shaving hand to make things easier, and don’t forget to go slow. Your non-nicked nether regions will thank you later. Rinse your razor often, and add more gel or lotion if you feel like you’re not gliding. When you are done, make sure you rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Use an after-shave gel formulated for the bikini area, or plain old aloe vera to ward off razor burn and bumps.

There you go! If you find you like the look, you might want to consider seeing a licensed esthetician for waxing (please don’t even try doing this at home -- hot wax, private parts, and amateurs do not mix). You could also look into laser hair removal or electrolysis for more permanent solutions.

Have some fun this Valentine’s Day, ladies, and don’t forget to shave safe.

How much extra care do you take down there? Do you have a favorite method of hair removal?

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