I Ditched My Torturous Bra for Something Better (PHOTOS)

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underwire braIn the past year, I have slowly weaned myself off wearing bras. The bras of the underwire variety mostly. They are torture. Torture I'm not willing to put myself through any longer. So I stopped wearing them, along with the padded push-ups. Went cold turkey. And that was sort of exactly the problem. Cold. Nipples. No bra. HELLO! So the no bra thing for me wasn't the best option when I wasn't wearing at least a couple of layers of clothing to hide the fact that my nipples start a conversation before I do.

So I searched for the perfect anti-bra kind of bra and found it.

Behold the bralette! This one is $24 from Urban Outfitters and it comes in a ton of colors. Plus, I don't mind if I'm wearing a low-cut top and the lace of this shows a little. I wish they made this in a bathing suit top, too, because it's perfect.


My sister has converted to the no-underwire, comfy bra group and loves this fishnet racerback from Free People ($28).

And can we also marvel over the back of this lace racerback, also from Free People? I'd actually want the back of the bra to show because it's so pretty.

I have average size breasts so these work for me ... not sure how much support they would give to those who really need a lot of support, but Kohl's has some nice selections for larger sizes that are similar.

And sure, you can also wear a sports bra, but most of those aren't that pretty. I like to be sporty sometimes, but these pretty underwire-free designs make me feel a little more spicy.

Have you ditched the underwire for something more comfortable?


Main image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr



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mommy... mommyof5cutties

For years I wore walmart bras. Mostly uncomfortable and always short lived the quality did not agree with my active lifestyle. I gave up and headed to Victoria secret where the prices are high and the girls working there are always 10x more pretty than me. I went in had my "fitting" and walked out with a bra I am not happy with. It seems to big and rides up my shoulder blades. And this is what they said would fit well. I'm not happy with it but I'm not willing to go back for fear I was all apart of a cruel joke on the girls part... :( $50 later and I have a sore neck and an empty wallet :(

tinyp... tinypossum

Yeah....maybe for smaller boobs, but there's no way something that lightweight would work for me. Go to Nordstrom or a specialty lingerie store and get properly fitted. VS bras are not well made and don't properly fit larger breasted women. I typically pay $60-$80 for a bra, but they fit well, give me excellent support, are comfortable, and last a long time. 

poshkat poshkat

Those girls all have small breasts, so not for me.

purpl... purpleflower514

You need to adjust the shoulder straps or take it back and  get a new bra. You are not part of some cruel joke. If you're really that worried speak with the manager about a new fitting.

nonmember avatar Beth

@Mommyof5cutties - VC's bra's are very poorly made and only last 6 months to a year anyway. I never buy from there anymore. Try Nordstroms or a higher end department store. I'm a 36DD so I have to spend the little bit of extra money and I am so glad I do.

linzemae linzemae

My favorite bra is from vs but I love it because it doesn't give me back fat. I have a lot if issueswith bras fitting. One of my shoulders is lowerbthan the other and their cups dig into my armpits. Vs always sizes me smaller than I am and they look surprised when my cups runneth over!

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

This would never work for me. I don't feel supported unless I have an under wire on. I'm a 40F, so finding a good bra is a challenge, and expensive.

Marcella Shambles

Look like fancy sports bras - I happen to like my under wire, though I do switch back and forth between the sports bra.  I feel weird without a bra on - I'm medium sized and gravity is taking it's tole and I was just indoctrinated to feel self conscious with out one on.

frogg... froggyt11


I'll never buy from vs again.

Hyman Hyman

I love those but they wouldn't work for me unless I'm wearing the torture chamber you speak of :D

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