I Ditched My Torturous Bra for Something Better (PHOTOS)

underwire braIn the past year, I have slowly weaned myself off wearing bras. The bras of the underwire variety mostly. They are torture. Torture I'm not willing to put myself through any longer. So I stopped wearing them, along with the padded push-ups. Went cold turkey. And that was sort of exactly the problem. Cold. Nipples. No bra. HELLO! So the no bra thing for me wasn't the best option when I wasn't wearing at least a couple of layers of clothing to hide the fact that my nipples start a conversation before I do.

So I searched for the perfect anti-bra kind of bra and found it.


Behold the bralette! This one is $24 from Urban Outfitters and it comes in a ton of colors. Plus, I don't mind if I'm wearing a low-cut top and the lace of this shows a little. I wish they made this in a bathing suit top, too, because it's perfect.


My sister has converted to the no-underwire, comfy bra group and loves this fishnet racerback from Free People ($28).

And can we also marvel over the back of this lace racerback, also from Free People? I'd actually want the back of the bra to show because it's so pretty.

I have average size breasts so these work for me ... not sure how much support they would give to those who really need a lot of support, but Kohl's has some nice selections for larger sizes that are similar.

And sure, you can also wear a sports bra, but most of those aren't that pretty. I like to be sporty sometimes, but these pretty underwire-free designs make me feel a little more spicy.

Have you ditched the underwire for something more comfortable?


Main image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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