David Beckham Shows Off Unbelievably Hot Body Wearing Almost Nothing at All (VIDEO)

David BeckhamI don't know what you're doing right this minute but you need to drop everything and see this video of David Beckham. Look, I don't care that you're busy or your kid is wailing because he hit his head on the coffee table or that you've got a PowerPoint due in ten minutes and you've only created one slide that features a blank bullet point and a terrible piece of clip art, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO OF DAVID BECKHAM RIGHT NOW.

Here's why: 1) It's David Beckham. 2) It's David Beckham in a short film created by Guy Ritchie, promoting the latest collection of David Beckham bodywear at H&M. 3) It's David Beckham doing impressive feats of physical fitness while wearing a teensy, clinging, leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination pair of underwear.

'Nuff said?


Okay, here's the backstory to the video, LIKE YOU CARE. Seriously, you should probably just skip my blathering and go straight to the play button. But if you'd like to draw out the anticipation, the clip is a 1:40 short film made by Guy Ritchie, who you may know from Snatch or Sherlock Holmes or the fact that he was Madonna's husband for a while there.

Side note: I guess it's not technically a commercial because it's … longer? Guy Ritchie: "Ooh, check out my artistic short film, which happens to be made for the purpose of selling clothing. But of course it's not an ad, what do you take me for, some sort of cinematic peasant? Hello, I didn't shack up with the Yoga Sinew Monster for no reason. WORSHIP MY FAME, I MEAN, CREATIVE VALUE."

Anyway, the clip starts off with Babeham cheerily waving goodbye to his famous family as they drive off in a Range Rover, but oopsy, the door catches his bathrobe. Darn it! He picks a wedgie -- but SEXILY -- then races off after the SUV, magically losing his tank top in a bush. Clad only in his superthin H&M skivvies, he sprints, dives in a pool (oh dear, the undies got all wet!), leaps over walls, seamlessly back-kicks a soccer ball, and generally looks fan-freaking-tastic the entire time.

Ready for the magic? Here it is:

I think my favorite part is that he does the whole thing in slippers.

According to Beckham, he had a great time doing the ad -- er, short film:

I loved doing it and people will get to see me play a role I've never done before!

Yes, I've never seen him running around or being undressed and all hot and sexy. Must've been a real reach. But by all means, please make more of these, H&M people! That underwear looks nice and all, but I think I need to see a few more short films to really make up my mind.

What do you think of this video? Does it make you want to run out and buy a bunch of David Beckham Bodywear for your significant other?

Image via YouTube

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