Dyeing My Hair Made Me Queasy but I Feel Like a Whole New Woman (PHOTOS)

Highlighted hairUntil last week, I never colored my hair. OK, that's not entirely true. Back when I was 15, I used a whole lot of Sun-In and had some nasty results. That wretched orange incident aside, I've never had the guts to go for it. As someone who swears that short hair would make her look like a chubby oompa loompa (face shape, no bueno) -- I've been having a hard time lately because I've been dying for a change.

You've been there, right? Wanting a change but too nervous to go for it? Well, when the opportunity came up for me to get colored for the first time at Red Door Spa, I couldn't refuse. The goal? Ombre natural-looking highlights. Let me tell you: I was a MESS of nerves. I went in continually telling myself, "If this sucks, I can just dye it back." I sat in the chair covered with white goo and pieces of cotton hoping that whatever was going on with my strands wasn't gonna make me look like a mutant.

Well let me tell you: This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I mean it.


First, let's all have a brief laugh at my expense -- because for about a half hour, I looked like this:

Hair ombre

Then this:

Hair ombre

Yes, I'm under there. I wanted to ask questions about the whole thing while my colorist William was wrapping me in Saran Wrap, but to be honest -- I was too nervous that I'd freak out at the answer. What was this white stuff? Was it bleach? Is this what hair dye is supposed to look like? Does EVERYONE get these big long cotton pieces in their hair? AM I GOING TO REGRET THIS?!

But I just tried to sip on my lemon water and breathe through it. When all was said and done, here's the difference:

before and after ombre

I know. It's subtle. But these bright streaks have renewed my sense of confidence, one I haven't felt in forever after years and years of the same old thing. It felt nice to finally do something for MYSELF. To relax and let someone else do the work. Although it's not overly noticeable, I feel pretty. 

Would I jump at the chance to completely change my overall color? Eh, probably not. But I'll definitely be a lot less hesitant the next time someone says, "Oh, this would look great on you!" Going outside of my comfort zone, success.

Have you ever been afraid to change your hairstyle or color? Have you ever had any MAJOR hair accidents?


Images via Emily Abbate

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