Katie Holmes vs. Jessica Biel

Katie Holmes

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Jessica Biel

Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

CafeMoms know that it's the ladies who wear the pants, right? Even if we are in a skirt and heels. But Katie Holmes and Jessica Biel really are wearing the pants -- a sight not often seen when celebrities are doing media and red carpet appearances.

Last week's battle had Reese Witherspoon edging out Kiera Knightley with 54 percent of the vote...with everyone liking Reese, Kiera, or both. But what about these pant looks from Katie and Jessica?


Katie is in a gypsy pant jumpsuit with lace detailing at top.

Jessica's wearing a silver suit with a wide-leg pant and white shirt with black buttons.

Which of these actresses looked better in pants?

Which outfit would you wear?


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