Mom and Daughter Get Tattoos Together (VIDEO)

Did your mom ever tell you "you can't judge a book by its cover"? She's right, and in the latest episode of Tattoo Moms we have your proof.

Doris is a sweet-looking grandma from Wisconsin: gray hair, glasses, retired from the pickle factory. But in fact, she's kind of a nonconformist. Because most grandmas don't have tattoos running up their legs. But Doris does. She's got everything from a tattoo of a pickle to stars and dots representing her children and grandchildren.

Speaking of those children and grandchildren, she's gone to get a tattoo with almost all of them. We meet her daughter Cindy in the episode too.


Cindy is covered in tattoos too, from one honoring her late husband and their four gorgeous pet cats to a classic rose on her chest. As it turns out, tattooing is a family affair for them; they've even had a tattoo party at Doris's son's house, and usually at least two family members go to get tattoos together.

Doris seems, well, kind of awesome. She got her her first tattoo in her 40s, which was well before tattoos went mainstream. Watch the video and check her out:

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Does your mom or grandma have tattoos?


Image via CafeMom Studios

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