Jennifer Lawrence’s Spray Tan Is Nothing Compared to Some Other Tanning Horrors We’ve Seen

jennifer lawrenceJennifer Lawrence showed up to the SAG awards with her alabaster Kentucky skin so white it reflected the flashbulbs. I loved it, but I suppose someone else must've thought she needed a little color because at the Oscars nominee luncheon Monday (oh, to be a crouton on that salad bar), Jennifer had one helluva spray tan. She was about 3,000 shades darker than she was just weeks before, and everyone's sort of like, whoa, JLaws, easy does it.

And yeah, she's got a bit of an unnatural hue about her, but really, it's not that bad when you compare it to others who've trotted into spray tan booths only to emerge looking like Janice from the Muppets.


Kim Kardashian's got a terrible spray tan that she then took out with Kanye to a Lakers game, Lindsay Lohan got a bad one, then hit up the courthouse, and of course, the entire cast of the Jersey Shore knows their way around the T in GTL. Then there's Rachel Zoe and Giuliana Rancic who take the horrible spray tan look to a whole new level.

At least Jen did it kinda right.

At an interview session during the luncheon, she said she intends to dress super fashion-y for the Oscars next month, so let's hope by then some of this tan has washed off in the shower, or let's be real, rubbed off on her sheets, because nothing would be more disappointing than a too-tan Jennifer accepting her first Academy Award. Nothing.

Do you get spray tans?


Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty

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