5 Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick (Even When You Think You Can't!)

red lipstickFor those of you who are 100 percent positive that you can't wear red lipstick, I have news for you: You can. "But I've tried every color under the sun and it still looks stupid on me!" Cool story, bro. But still -- you can. I was forever convinced that there was no way on god's green earth I could pull off the red lipstick look due to the tone of my complexion, my hair color, and the shape of my lips. But after learning a few trade tricks, I'm officially a convert -- and now you can be too.

Here are 5 tips to wearing red lipstick (even when you think you can't!).


1. Blot. This right here is the single tip that changed my mind about red lipstick: Instead of smoothing the lipstick on your lips, blot it on with your finger. Rub your finger onto the lipstick, and sort of haphazardly dab it into your lips -- the look is much less "severe" than if you applied it the old-fashioned way.

2. Mix it with gloss. A matte lip can be intense, so when you apply a layer of sheer gloss or even lip balm, it gives it a softer look. It's not like, "Whoa! Red lips!" It's more like, "Oh. Red lips." If you're feeling splurgy, an awesome lip balm is Diptyque's Soothing Lip Balm.

3. Mix it with another color. Maybe the reason you haven't found the perfect red is because the perfect red for you doesn't exist! I've found that I like red lipstick much better when it's mixed with a coral-y shade like Mac's Vegas Volt.

4. Change your skin tone. Although the whole porcelain skin/red lipstick thing is gorgeous in theory, it doesn't work on everyone. Sometimes you need a little color elsewhere. Try experimenting with bronzers or self-tanners or, hell, even a spray tan. Eventually, you'll get the right color combo.

5. If all else fails, head to the makeup counter. There's a reason those people work there -- they know a lot more about makeup than you or I.

Do you wear red lipstick?


Image via irina slutsky/Flickr

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