Beyonce's S&M Super Bowl Outfit & 'Nip Slip' Have People Freaking Out

beyonce super bowlAfter Beyonce stole the entire Super Bowl show with her electrifying (for real) performance last night, the backlash couldn't be far off. Unsurprisingly, tongues are now clucking about how Bey's S&M-y leather and lace bodysuit -- designed by Rubin Singer and meant to evoke warrior women -- was "inappropriate" for family viewing. What's more, others are carrying on with some ridiculous stretch of a story about a nip slip. Ugh. People. Give me a break!

Maybe it was inevitable. Maybe anything remotely sexual or especially illustrative of confident female sexuality -- at the Super Bowl of all places! -- was bound to get bashed. Because I'm just not seeing how the diva's costume was in any way questionable. And the claim that she suffered a true wardrobe malfunction is completely ludicrous. 


First off, when you look at what people are calling a nip slip, it's a joke. You can't see anything, unless you're looking reeeeally closely, and even then, I'm not quite sure if we're seeing what we think we're seeing. So clearly, we're looking way too hard for this now ... And looking for and calling out something, anything that resembles a nip slip is NOT the same as a real nip slip. It's like every Super Bowl Sunday there are people sitting around with fingers crossed for a controversy on par with Janet Jackson's! How annoying is that?!

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As for Bey's costume, what did you expect her to wear? The same thing she wore to the Inauguration? A pantsuit?! The halftime show has become a MAJOR spectacle event on par with the glitziest, most expensive Vegas shows or world tour performances. Iconic divas like Bey don't get buttoned-up to do shows like this. It's not proof that culture has gone downhill and gotten way too sexualized recently.

Hello, doesn't anyone remember that electrical tape number Cher wore in her 1989 music video for "If I Could Turn Back Time"? What Bey wore 24 years later is tame compared to that. Granted, yes, this was prime time family viewing, but that leather and lace bodysuit was feminine, fierce, and no more risque than anything else she's ever worn on stage or in her music videos. No more risque than most bathing suits or bikinis you might find on any American beach with your kids, for that matter! It was actually a pretty typical -- but memorable -- pop star costume. And as far as I'm concerned, anyone who is shaking their head at it today is reaching for something, anything to complain about.

How did you feel about Beyonce's Super Bowl costume? What about her supposed "nip slip"?

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