Kris Jenner Shows Her Bra in Sexy See-Through Top & Looks Hot -- So Back Off (PHOTO)

kris jennerShe may not be your favorite momager, but there's no denying that Kris Jenner is a beautiful lady. The woman's 57 years old and almost looks as fresh-faced and youthful as her daughters. Yes, she had a (highly publicized) facelift, but even before Jenner went under the knife, she looked good. Really good. Save for her David Spade-esque haircut, I would be thrilled to look like Kris when I'm her age. But apparently others (rudely) beg to differ -- especially after seeing the latest photo Kim Kardashian posted to her Instagram account.

Kim recently uploaded a photo of Kris in a tight, black shirt (see left) along with the caption: "My mom is kinda major". And immediately fans and blogs and leaders of countries alike threw up their arms and rolled their eyes at the fact that Kris' black bra is making a special guest appearance in the pic. Comments like: "Why can't she just let the younger ones BE young?", "Eww!", and "Change the outfit!" are a few of the nicer remarks left on Kim's Instagram. (Seriously, if you ever want to feel bad for a Kardashian -- just read some of the comments on their Instagram accounts.)

Here's the thing: I definitely don't agree with a lot of the things Kris does, but fact is, she looks good. And although a black bra showing may not be everyone's cuppa tea, it's not like she's flashing her boobs in the photo. Not this time she's not. The woman's wearing a turtleneck, for chrissake.

I know there's a massive Anti-Kris Jenner Society out there -- and I even admit, I've attended a meeting or two -- but back off the lady for this picture. She looks good. And I'm sure we'd all be pretty damn happy if we looked like this when we're pushing 60.

What do you think of Kris Jenner's photo?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Janet

No, she doesn't look good. I'm not judging her for going under the knife. Not everyone is blessed to age well naturally, though I'm thankful the women in my family aren't cursed like that lol. I do take issue with her massive attempt to behave and dress like she's two decades younger. She doesn't look good. You can be sexy at any age while maintaining an age-appropriate look. My mom is drop dead gorgeous, but I'd never see her looking like Kris. My mom is too dignified. Kris looks desperate to cling to an already faded youth.

abra819 abra819

Okay master, we'll "back off" because you told us to

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