'Real Housewives' Star Shows Off Major Side Boob in Tiny Dress (PHOTO)

joanna krupaThere are two things that kinda shocked me when I read the article about Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa. One, I was surprised that the news is about her exposed side boob because, come on, when is Joanna ever covering up those puppies, and two, the girl's 33 years old? What? When did that happen? I thought she was about 24 or something. By the way she acts, though, I would've guessed she was 15, but it just seemed unrealistic she'd be considered a Housewife at that age.

ANYWAY, back to Joanna's boobies. She really loves to show them off, huh?


This time Joanna showed some serious side boob while attending a fashion show in Warsaw, Poland. Her miniature white dress just couldn't stay in place and Joanna's breast played peek-a-boo all night.

Not that anyone was complaining, I'm sure.

The sexy Housewife probably didn't mind, either, since she's no stranger to showing off her breasts. The former/kinda current model has been on the cover of Playboy, twice, and it's rare that she's ever wearing more clothing than just the bare minimum required by law.

Bottom line, if you've got it, flaunt it. Joanna's hot and happens to love attention. In fact, she may even love the spotlight more than a Kardashian, which is really saying something.

Here's hoping Joanna and Kim face off at a New York Fashion Week event (it's next week!), battling for the most camera time. Over here! No, over here! Here's my baby bump! Oh, yeah, well here's my side boob, Mama.


Do you like Joanna Krupa's sexy style?


Photo via Splash News

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