Lindsay Lohan's Latest Tattoos Are Seriously Disturbing

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Lindsay LohanYikes! Have you seen Lindsay Lohan’s new ink? The troubled starlet arrived in Los Angeles for court Wednesday morning bearing two seriously disturbing new tattoos.

The one on her upper right arms reads simply: "What dreams may come." Shakespeare lovers will recognize the quote as being from Hamlet's famous "to be or not to be" speech, in which the poor prince ponders whether or not to commit suicide. He's wondering what "dreams may come" in the sleep of death. Pretty grim stuff, LiLo. 

The next one is equally unnerving: "I leave before being left. I decide." Apparently this is a famous Brigitte Bardot quote on the glamour girl's relationship strategy, but juxtaposed with the other phrase and what we already know of Lindsay's unstable life, it's scary. And in fact it brings to mind another famous bombshell that Lindsay Lohan has a seriously unhealthy obsession with: the doomed beauty Marilyn Monroe.

In addition to her unsettling tattoos, Lindsay accessorized her cap-sleeved black dress with platform Christian Louboutin heels, giant sunglasses, and a classic LiLo fake tan. I can’t even THINK what was going through Dina Lohan’s mind as she escorted her daughter, yet again, to court -- this time over a car crash last summer that could land Lindsay in jail (though as we know jail for celebs in Hollywood is pretty theoretical).

Maybe Dina was just glad Lindsay didn't redo that F*** YOU manicure she sported to her last court appearance. One thing is for certain: whether these tattoos are permanent or not, they’re a loud and clear distress signal. This poor girl needs help with a lot more than her wardrobe choices, and it really doesn't seem like she’s getting it.

What do you think about Linday’s new tats: just another grab for attention or a serious cry for help?

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nonmember avatar Barbara

Everything about Lindsay is a serious cry for help - and yet she surrounds herself with enablers (including her mom). This can only end badly.

Elijah Greenleaf


kever... keversole

^^^^^ Chill

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

I seriously doubt she has read much Shakespeare.

Maryah Tapia

MEH, I obviously don't know if she is or not, but sometimes tattoos look like they have a different meaning than what the person was trying to convey. I'm heavily tattooed, & my latest one is a compass rose on my forearm that says "to die would be an awfully big adventure". It's my favorite quote from one of my favourite stories of all time (Peter Pan). But after I got it lots of people thought I was suicidal! I'm the exact opposite! I'm scared of death, this quote puts a positive spin on it for me. To help comfort me.

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Maryah- your compass piece is a very good idea. And as for LiLo, I won't judge what she puts on her body because its hers. Yes she needs a better support team. And I hope she hits rock bottom soon. Or maybe she did and she is just crawling around looking for a good reason to wise up already 

nonmember avatar Mr. P T

To be perfectly honest about my ideas, it seems she has unconscious conflicts which require depth analysis and regression therapy. This would straight her life out of her walking nightmare.

Keran... Kerannmer

To me, her tattoo meanings aren't anything other than,"I desperately want to come off as deep and provocative", but it's obviously not going according to her plan.

flowe... flower_momma

Awful quality ink!

That is all.

nonmember avatar homeboy

Seriously? My boyfriend has "what dreams may come" on his ribs and honestly there is nothing disturbing about it. This article grasps at the worst kind of straws.

i have the lines from shelley's poem ozymandias on my leg...does that make me a risk?

giant eye roll

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