‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Copies Kailyn Lowry & Gets New Arm Tattoo

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maci bookoutTeen Moms flock to tattoo parlors like moths to a flame, and now, it's Maci Bookout's turn to get some new ink. Maybe she saw that Kailyn Lowry's received a lot of attention for her new sleeve and decided to get in on the game, too? It's not that Maci's new to the tattoo scene, though -- her back is filled in with body art.

She's got crooked cupcakes and a Teen Mom logo notebook and her name and some general platitudes about getting through life ... you know, just your average whole-back tattoo that looks like it came free when you super-sized your Happy Meal.

That was so mean!

But it's true, Maci's back tattoos are kind of terrible. I'm glad she likes them, and all that stuff, but yikes, are they not that awesome.

But, believe it or not, I'm optimistic about this new sleeve of hers. Maybe with the extra dough in her bank account, she can get something pretty rad. Maybe her new tattoo will be artistic and have meaning and a je ne sais quoi that can only be described as an overall badassness. Who knows.

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The tattoo artist who did her arm seems to be pretty talented. A lot of his stuff seems a little macabre, but there's nothing wrong with that if it's what Maci's looking for. I happen to think this zombie-looking version of Les Miz's Cosette is quite charming.

There aren't any pics yet of Maci's new body art, but soon enough, we'll see what she decided to do. Dead flowers? Black hearts? More crooked cupcakes in the place of "O"s? Whatever it is, all that matters is that she likes it.

Do you think Maci's arm tattoo is a good idea?


Photo via macideshanebookout/Instagram

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MuhKa... MuhKayRuh

Her tattoos look great, what are you talking about?

nonmember avatar shell

Seriously? Because she got a tattoo on her arm, she's copying Kailyn? Are you for real? I wonder how many other people in the world got a tattoo on the same arm that day. I wonder how many other people "copied" Kailyn. Maci wasn't copying her. I can't stand some of the writers on here.

Amber Dwyer

Rad? Really? While her back's theme is a bit scattered the actual art and lettering look good throughout. Now who's mean :P

MyGir... MyGirlsAbbyLiz

Who cares what she gets as tattoos? It only matters if she likes it.

Amanda Manton

Uh. How about not getting expensive tattoos when your only income is based solely on fifteen minutes of fame...

grous... grousseau

Does anyone really care? Are we caring about a teen moms tats now?

Gwendalyn Myers

This whole article is like high school all over again. Does it matter what tattoos she gets and if someone else got one first?

Lauren Winder

omg i got a tattoo. and guess what i had my first baby when i was under the age of twenty! i must be copying another woman (who was in the same situation as me at one point in my life) that got a tattoo first, so somewhere someone need to write a article about this event right meow.

see how stupid that sounded? embarrassing right?

now i demand you stop embarrassing yourself. start writing about shit that might actually stimulate intelligent thought and/or spread truly useful information (not that this is ever a reliable resource for that anyway but come on you could at least try.)

. enough bullshit already plagues my fb wall. fail stir. fail.

Amanda Pearce

It's a tattoo.  It's personal.  Who the fuck cares?

Let's see some news on the Teen Mom's that actually matters.  Like where is Maci going to guest speak about teen pregnancy next?

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