Woman Gets Tattoo to Honor Best Friend the Day After She Dies (VIDEO)

How often do you tell someone, "Sorry, I can't do (whatever fun thing) right now. We'll have to do it another day." Probably a lot. We've all done it, sometimes as a well-meaning blow-off and sometimes because we genuinely want to do whatever it is but can't carve out the time right then.

But sometimes "another day" never comes. That's what happened to Ingrid. She was going to get a tattoo with her best friend, Toya. But unexpectedly, Toya got sick and died the same week they had planned to get tattoos together. She was only 23.

Ingrid was devastated by the loss of her friend, who was also her son's special aunt. So she decided to get that tattoo the very day after Toya died, and use it both to honor her friend's memory and also to remind herself of the kind of person she wants to be… someone with integrity, who keeps her promises. Watch the video below to hear her touching story and check out her tattoos.


She now has several tattoos, and each honors someone she loves and reminds her that she wants to be the kind of person who does what she says she will do. It also reminds her that life is fleeting, and there is no time like right now.

It's sad that so often it takes losing someone to remind us of that awful fact, but we never know how long we have or how long someone might be in our lives. It is important to take advantage of the time we have, and we shouldn't need a tattoo to tell us.

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Do you have any tattoos with some life lesson behind them?

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