Beyonce Without Makeup at Super Bowl Rehearsal Is a Beautiful Surprise (VIDEO)

beyonce walking with blue ivyBeyonce's had an action-packed few weeks. Coming off of her, all right, somewhat controversial, but amazing inaugural performance, she's currently ramping up for her big halftime show at Super Bowl this coming Sunday. To give us a taste of what we can expect, she's been posting pics of her rehearsals on her Tumblr, And whoa -- there's much to be impressed with. Not only with what a dedicated performer she clearly is, but how freakin' GORGEOUS she looks without a speck of makeup!

I mean, really, we shouldn't be surprised ... This is Beyonce we're talking about. She's Superwoman. So why wouldn't she look like a goddess whilst bare-faced and sweaty?

Check out a report with a round-up of all the rehearsal pics ...


So, not only do I love how much spirit she has and how into it she looks, but it really is inspiring to see how even the Ultimate Diva of our time -- Queen Bey -- doesn't need to put on her mascara, false eyelashes, and lipstick to practice for what's destined (no pun intended ... though there is rumored to be a possible Destiny's Child reunion planned for Sunday) to be one of the most hyped performances of her career! And how cool is it that she doesn't mind sharing her bare face with the world? Superstar, superdiva, Superwoman, yes, but that's also a real woman -- and hot mama! -- right there.

How beautiful does Bey look without makeup?


Image via Hollywood Branded/Flickr

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