Lindsay Lohan's Court Day Fashion FAIL Is the Real Crime

That's Criminal 9

Lindsay LohanToday Lindsay Lohan headed back to her second home court to face new charges. This time around, the actress is charged with lying to police about driving a sports car that crashed into a dump truck back in June, obstructing officers from performing their duties, and reckless driving. Casual, really. Judge Sautner set her next hearing for March 1.

Let's talk about the more fun stuff though, like what she wore to court. Instead of her innocent in white look, the actress opted for a classy black Chanel dress, Celine shades, and of course -- Louboutin heels. The thing I cannot get over, though, is her legs. No, it's not that they're ridiculously toned. It's that they are overwhelmingly white. Maybe Lindsay really is completely wrapped up in feeling sorry for her actions. I mean, how else could she not notice this?!

OK, yeah, there's just no way. Considering Lindsay's track record, I doubt she's starting to just now feel remorseful for any of this. In fact, I bet the only thing she was thinking was when she was gonna be back in NYC snuggling with Max from The Wanted.

This photo is the prime example why I do NOT use self tanners on my own at home, because let's be real, there's no way ANY spray tan would leave you this uneven. I'm always too nervous that I'm going to miss a spot or, in Lindsay's case, two FULL appendages. Didn't your mom, Dina, ever teach you to look in a FULL mirror before leaving the house hotel room? Or was she too busy being your momager and trying to make crazy money off of your successes? Yeah, I'm gonna go with #2.

Poor Lindsay. Something tells me the next time she goes to court, we'll be seeing a pantsuit.

Have you ever had any major self-tanning disasters? What do you think of Lindsay's court outfit?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Really?!

Really how rude can you be. I didnt even finish this article. Can I pls ask what is so wrong being a pale person? We are becoming more excepting of every nationality and skin tone, yet pale white people still get dissed. Lohan is a red head and incase you havnt notice that usually goes with being pale. Some people can not tan. That simple. Is it so bad that we dont want to put fake bake to statisfy those that think everyone should be a color of some tone of brown. Oh well when we are all old at least I wont be covered in skin sores because I had to be fashionable.

nonmember avatar MrsM

I think the point here is that she clearly has fake-tanned her face/arms/upper body, and not her legs...

nonmember avatar jamie

ummm...yeah...she wasn't making fun of her for being pale, it's the fact that she spray tanned her whole body except her legs. awkward! maybe next time read the whole article and you wont look like a hotheaded fool


Frankly, something I wouldn't have noticed had it not been mentioned.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Girl should've thrown on some black tights, all would be well.

I am always entertained by lohan courtroom fashion:) -embarassing-

kelti... kelticmom

It's not that she is pale, it's that she has fake tan on her upper body, but not her legs. It almost looks like she is wearing white panty hose.

nonmember avatar Ashley

During the winter I do this a lot. Only I don't show my legs in public like that. I self-tan the upper half and not the lower half mainly because no one sees my legs (it's fricken cold in New England so I wear thick tights) plus because of the dry air I find the tan on my legs fade fast in the winter. Also, with nice tanners running $50 a bottle I save a great deal of money. That being said, if I know I'm wearing a skirt I will plan ahead and tan or pick up tights at CVS. I don't rock the two-tone look

nonmember avatar Heavy D

Is it possible that she is wearing white tights so her cooter doesn't hang out?

nikag... nikagurl5889

I like her outfit and actually think she looks good.

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