Women Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Get Kate Middleton's Nose & It's Kind of Creepy

kate middleton noseDo you ever see a hairstyle or an outfit on a celebrity -- or heck, even another girl -- and run out and try to duplicate it, because what you saw looked soooo awesome? Of course you have. We all have. I don't know a woman alive who's never brought a photo of someone famous with them to the salon at some point. (Jessica Biel's bangs? Yes, please!) And that's cool. That's basically the point of celebrities, isn't it? But when it gets into using celeb body parts for plastic surgery inspo, we have a problem. Apparently, the hot, new nose on the block is Kate Middleton's. And women everywhere are going under the knife to emerge looking like the Duchess.

They do know Wills won't be waiting for them when they wake up, right?


The Daily Mail published an article recently, interviewing women who underwent a rhinoplasty to get a nose like Kate's. The article shows before and after photos -- and the ladies all look lovely in both photos. But is modeling a body part, particularly one on your face, after a famous person a good idea?

I'm not against plastic surgery at all. I'm of the mind that it's your body, you can do what you want with it. If changing something about yourself makes you feel better, go for it. But the thing about asking for Kate's nose is ... no one else has the rest of Kate's face. Kate's nose goes with her eyes, cheeks, chin, and general structure of her face. Just because it looks good on her doesn't mean it will look good on someone else.

Like I said, the women in the photos all look good -- and none of their noses look exactly like Kate's. So maybe the Duchess's schnozz was just a jumping-off point for a more taylor-made nose? I don't know. But I do know that you can grow out your bangs or return a dress that was inspired by a star. But you can't undo plastic surgery. Well, I guess you can. But it'll be really fucking expensive.

What do you think of celeb-inspired plastic surgery?


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