Reality Show Star Goes Without Pants in X-Rated 'Birthday Suit'

Sheer outfits seem to be all the rage now in celebrity land. I can't say I understand it myself. Why you'd want to attend an event with your boobs or butt hanging out for all the world to see is beyond me, but I guess that's why I'm not a celebrity. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Amanda Seyfried have seemingly lost whatever sense of modesty they may have had at one time in order to show off their goods via the see-through dress. I guess it's one way to make sure your picture gets in the paper. Even if it is just a pic of your behind. Basketball Wives: LA star Draya Michele is the latest celeb to embrace this look, and she takes it even further than any of the others. In fact, it's almost as if she just forgot to put on pants.


Michele "wore" the revealing "outfit" (can nothing be an outfit?) to one of her week-long celebrations in honor of her birthday. Hey, if you're going to step out without pants, I guess a week of birthday fun isn't so strange.

Draya sports a white T-shirt, sky-high heels, a black thong ... and sheer leggings. Oh, and some black leg warmers. Hey, don't want people catching a glimpse of your calves!

I actually stepped out a similar outfit once -- by mistake. I'd been working at home all day in my usual outfit -- a pair of stockings and a shirt. At some point, I decided to run an errand and left my apartment.

I was two blocks away before I realized I'd forgotten to put on PANTS. Luckily, it was nighttime, and this IS New York, so no one looked at me too funny. At least, not that I noticed, as I quickly hot-footed it back to my place for some, um, PANTS.

Something tells me the same thing didn't happen to Draya. Nope, I suspect this was done on purpose. In fact, I think she probably planned this "outfit" weeks in advance.

As for scary things I've worn on purpose, I did once wear a pair of silver spandex pants. But it was the '80s. So I can be forgiven.

What's been your craziest outfit?


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