8 Times Moms Can Look Terrible & Get Away With It


ugly momHello, my name is Mary -- and I look like absolute arse today. Actually, that's being kind. I look like sh*% run over twice, ok -- and at this point, I really don't care. Yes, that's me in the photo. (Ain't I a beaut?) Go ahead and let the insults rip -- because I definitely deserve 'em.

Usually, the lack of makeup on my face, insane bags under my eyes, greasy hair, and frumpy sweats are something I'd yell at myself for allowing to happen. But not today. You see, I'm going on day two of being home with my son, who has the flu. Yes, the flu flu -- and it's awful. I've barely slept. I can't remember if I even washed my face this morning, let alone had a chance to shower. And even dry shampoo just isn't workin' for me today.

But you know what? Given what I've been through over the past 48 hours or so, I kind of think I deserve a free pass to look horrendous -- at least until my little dude is feeling better. Besides, I'm not leaving the house, so who cares what I look like?

Ok, I've said my peace. Here are 8 times it's perfectly acceptable for moms to look like total crap.

  1. If your kid is sick -- Yes, I'm saying it again. I can't stress this one enough. If you have a sick child in your house, all bets are off when it comes to grooming, personal hygiene, and beauty routines. Come to think of it, if you look the least bit attractive with a sick kid at home, something's not right.
  2. If you're sick -- Duh, see number 1 and then multiply it by 10.
  3. If you've been up all night -- Whether due to a crying baby, you or your kids being sick, or whatever the reason may be, no sleep = hall pass for ugly.
  4. Before a workout -- You're going to sweat like a pig. Why complicate things with perfect hair and makeup?
  5. After a workout -- You're sweating like a pig and your hair is matted to your head. Good for you.
  6. If you've done the ugly cry within the past 12 hours or so -- Whatever made you do the ugly cry in the first place excuses you from having to look presentable. It just does.
  7. After any sort of trauma or disaster -- This one's a given, don't you think? (And it goes in line with number 6.)
  8. During and after a power outage -- Have you ever been without hot water or electricity for more than a few hours? It's pure hell. And it makes looking remotely decent impossible.

What other times do you think moms deserve a hall pass from having to look good?


Image via Mary Fischer

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dreamsky dreamsky

How about you let moms do their job without them having to worry about how they look. F*** off..

caral... caralicious

I agree with dreamsky all the reasons you listed above could be why women were wearing their pajamas in public.  Which I believe you bitched about not too long ago?

Smmeyn Smmeyn

I am not here for your motherf****ing viewing pleasure.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Im living in 1-3 right now -.-

alway... alwayscurious

My dd is in the hospital and must of the moms here stay in their pajamas, and a shower is a luxury. I personally haven't fixed my hair or changed clothes in two days. No one here cares.

nonmember avatar Maggie

Ooh Mary, you in trouble. Both my kids are home sick, and I put on makeup today. Ok, they aren't really that sick, and I picked them up from school sick, so I was already dressed and coiffed this morning.

nonmember avatar Hollie

How about when you have to get up at the crack of dawn to take your kid to a sitter so you can go shovel horse poop for 6 hrs. Then, go pick the kid up only to get home in time to bathe then prep dinner and clean up the house. Followed by hanging out with my family. Any time or need for makeup in my day?

Bonnie Logan Ping

I make it a point to get dressed everday and make my hair not look too bad, I don't put make up on often cause I look fine without it and figure why waste it if I am not having a blotchy day. I don't judge people who want to be in sweats or comfy clothes all day as long as you don't have any unwanted comments for me. I don't give a s*it what you have to say

Tammie Albertson

All I have to say is that I am the Mom that you see at the Mall in my PJ's and T-shirt and my hair just pulled back into a pony tail. I am not ashamed of it. I have my kids to take care of an other things to do rather than worry about what society thinks of my. I take showers and do my hygiene yes, but no make up[ and why am I going to buy and wear nice expensive clothes when my kids are just gonna help me to stain them. Get over yourselves, some people could care less how they look as long as their family is taken care of.

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