Adrienne Bailon's X-Rated Wardrobe Malfunction Clearly Taught Her Nothing

adrienne bailonRemember the time that Rob Kardashian's ex, Adrienne Bailon, had the mother of all wardrobe malfunctions? For those of you who don't, allow me to summarize: Her sheer dress somehow came undone (or "somehow came undo") while she was posing on the red carpet, exposing her vajay. Yep, it was a NSFW doozy if there ever was one. And you'd think that after a mortifying (or "mortifying") experience like that, Adrienne would be super careful with what she wore in front of the photogs out of fear that another mishap would occur. But nope. Adrienne's a risk-taker. And not wearing another risque dress would essentially be like letting the terrorists win. So wear a risque dress she did.

But the former Cheetah Girl member might want to consider a bra or some pasties. Bailon is thisclose to a nip slip in that crazy Fifty Shades-esque dress thing situation.


Monday night, Adrienne made a red carpet appearance for some Valentine's Day celebrity thing, and, as the Daily Mail put it, "came dangerously close to showing her nipple." As ridiculous as that statement is, it's true. Bailon is dangerously close to showing her nipple. In fact, I'm not quite sure how that dress is even staying put. Double-sided tape only goes so far.

Adrienne is an incredibly gorgeous woman with a body most people are probably dying to see, but this dress is making me a little nervous. One wardrobe malfunction per customer please.

What do you think of Adrienne's dress?


Image via Splash

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