Snooki’s First Tattoo Has a Surprisingly Sweet Meaning Behind It

snookiBecause you've been wondering about Snooki's tattoos for years, I'm here to bring you some breaking news. The Jersey Shore reality star and mother of one recently gave an in-depth interview about her tramp stamp, and people, Nicole Polizzi is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


She's full of delightful little contradictions -- she's the shortest person in the world, but has the biggest personality. She's painfully under-educated, but has made millions. She has a tramp stamp on her lower back, but it's dedicated to her wholesome adoptive parents. That Snooki, I swear. What a paradox! She wrote on her blog:

My “tramp stamp” ... yea yea everybody has their first tattoo and mine of course was on my lower back. They’re angel wings with my last name Polizzi written in them to represent my strong bond with my parents. Now I realize once I get married I will be a Lavalle, but i think that’s fine because when I look at my wings i think of my parents and my childhood growing up, so it’s all good.

Pretty sweet, considering most women who look at their tramp stamp are reminded of Daytona spring break and that time in their life when they thought it would be, like, so cool to have a butterfly back there, because, like, omg, it's just, like, so symbolic of senior year, you know?

Snooki's got plenty of other ink to look back on and regret, but this thoughtful tramp stamp (see? Snooki can turn an oxymoron into a genuine phrase) isn't one of them.

What's your general feeling about tramp stamps?


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