Jennifer Lawrence's Dress 'Rips' at SAG Awards in Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lawrence SAG AwardsIt happened so fast there's a good chance you probably missed it -- but Jennifer Lawrence suffered a major wardrobe malfunction at the SAG Awards last night. Ohhhhh, yes she did.

And it didn't just happen once -- it happened twice. While she was walking toward the stage to accept her award for Best Female Actor in a Film, her Christian Dior dress appeared to rip in two -- and then it happened again when she got up to the stage.


And then viewers started freaking out because they had just witnessed Jennifer Lawrence's dress ripping right in front of their eyes -- and in the next moment we were all left scratching our heads, because she managed to put the dress back together again.

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I know, I know, the whole thing sounds kind of confusing, and it's actually tough to explain unless you saw it happen. Check out this video clip to see Jen's wardrobe malfunction go down.


Um, so weird, right? (And did she or did she not kiss Bradley Cooper almost smack dab on the lips after her name was announced? That was him, right? OMG.)

Ok, so here's what supposedly happened. Jennifer's dress consisted of a top and bottom piece that were attached by a sheer lining. The way she was wearing it, however, the lining wasn't visible, so she presumably either got the bottom part caught on her shoe or she pulled on the top part of the gown, which made it separate, thus looking like it had possibly ripped in two.

(So boring, right?)

But even though it wasn't the most exciting wardrobe malfunction, it was still a wardrobe malfunction -- so it had to be at least a little bit embarrassing for Jennifer. And considering she's also getting over a bout of pneumonia, it's pretty safe to say that despite winning an award, last night really wasn't her night.

Forget the wardrobe malfunction for a second, what did you think of Jennifer's gown in general?


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