Kim Kardashian 'Steals' Jennifer Aniston's Hairdresser -- Will Her Hair Be Next?

kim kardashian rachelOh my gawd, you guys, this means celeb WAR -- and you'll never guess who's fighting: It's a Kim Kardashian vs. Jennifer Aniston throwdown! Whaaaaa?! I know, random -- how often do these ladies cross paths? But it turns out they're (allegedly) fighting over something EXTREMELY valuable. How valuable? Well, it's one thing to steal somebody's man. It's another thing to steal somebody's starring role. It's yet another thing entirely to steal somebody's hairdresser!!!

That's right, according to the National Enquirer (I know, I know), Jennifer Aniston’s long-term hairstylist, Chris McMillan, is ditching his most famous client for a certain preggers-with-Kanye's-baby brunette. I'm just ... shocked. Aghast. I mean, if you can't count on your hairstylist to be loyal, who the hell can you count on? What is this world coming to?! And, most important of all, what would Kim Kardashian look like with The Rachel?

(Um, kind of like the pic to your left, apparently, which ... um, isn't as bad as I expected?)

Wonder how well Kim would wear some of Jen's other near-legendary hairstyles ...

Which of these Jennifer Aniston styles looks best on Kim Kardashian?


Original Kim Kardashian image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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Worki... WorkingMom8479

I feel dumber after reading this.

rhps2000 rhps2000

Me too. But, hey, where are the "out with Brad Pitt at the Oscars" dreadlocks?

MaryC... MaryCimino

If she needs a new stylist she should call me! Bwahahaha!

nonmember avatar Cindi

Really? Wth..

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