My Mom Clothes Are So Bad My 7-Year-Old Is Embarrassed by Me


Mom style
My favorite hoodie
It came out of nowhere. A backhanded compliment like none other. "When I grow up," my daughter told me, "I want to be just like my Mommy. Except the hair. And the clothes. I want fashionable clothes."

Hi! My name is Jeanne Sager, and even my 7-year-old is embarrassed by my horrendous style.

It's OK, you can laugh. Everyone else does. Even my 16-year-old babysitter.

She forbid me just this past Sunday from buying what she described as my "347th Ralph Lauren sweater." Sorry, Ralph, but apparently you've been rendered uncool by the mere association with me.

This is where I have to point out that it's not really fair.

After all, my 7-year-old is extremely fashionable. We go out in public, and people comment on it frequently. Just last week my hairdresser joked with my daughter that she should give fashion tips.

Now, who do you think buys all my daughter's clothes? Right: me. I know what she likes, and I cater to her tastes when I go shopping for her. It's only when it comes to me that I say "another cable knit cotton sweater, please, the boxier, the better."

OK. Ok. My daughter's comment stung most because, well, it's kinda, sorta true. OK, it's totally true.

I don't really pay attention to my wardrobe. And unlike the moms who will go on about how much more they cared before the baby came, I never have. I have always been a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. In the winter, I throw on hoodies and sweaters, and I'm pretty much set.

They're easy to find and, more importantly to me, they're easy to wear. My motto is pretty much: "If it's not comfortable, I don't want to wear it."

Sadly, that has as much to do with my discomfort in my own skin as it does with comfort with fabrics. I might be the only woman I know who truly misses the '90s, when bigger was better and it was hard to tell that I was hiding a size 12 frame underneath those baggy jeans. I am not a woman who shows her arms. Or her thighs. Or her stomach.

But I digress.

I am not the most fashionable woman on the planet. But I'm not that bad, really. I may be a mom who embarrasses her 7-year-old, but I've still got standards, darnit!

My jeans don't taper at the ankles. I wouldn't be caught dead with a fanny pack. I only wear yoga pants to Zumba (really!). And no, you will never, ever, ever catch me in a pair of Uggs.

Just imagine what my 7-year-old would be saying if I went down any of those roads!

Does your kid critique your style? Do you measure up to their expectations?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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nonmember avatar Guest

Just to offer more from the child's perspective...I was always really embarrassed by the way my parents dressed. For example, my mother wore those tapered "mom jeans" and my father often tucked his shirt into his white briefs. My parents' lack of fashion sense also led them to buy clothes that were too large, unflattering, and sometimes downright hideous. Needless to say, the other kids made fun of me a lot. Your fashion sense doesn't strike me as being nearly that bad, and you clearly take care that your daughter is dressed in way that makes her feel good and accepted. My words are mostly for parents who seem to think that their appearance and that of their child does not matter.

Anony... AnonyMOUSE715

Lol no kids yet but I would be offended if I had a child and they offended my style! I agree w/ the first commentor you're fashion sense isn't too bad. It just isn't up to your fashionista daughters standards lol. That's so adorable though maybe shell be a designer eventually! Btw, there are some amazingly cute yoga pants that aren't frumpy & are stylish. My fav ones have like a waistband that folds down and have rainbow cheetah print on it and the bottoms flare. I love em

April... AprilJune

It's great that your own style and admitted discomfort in your own skin isn't stopping you from fostering your daughter's interest in fashion and her own sense of style. Coming from a mom of a 2 year old who wants to pick her own outfits every morning....this was a nice reminder to let her be herself...even if it means she's wearing striped leggings with a polka dot skirt and a different polka dot patterned shirt to a party (and they are all different colours!) lol

samamfee samamfee

Not my kids but my hubby did. He tells me all the time I wear my clothes too big. They swallow me hole.........And???crying

nonmember avatar Mama of a boy

Going back to your article about being happy of not having a son...If you had a son he would not care how "fashionable" your close are.

MrsYo... MrsYoung1287

Haha!! Right on mama of a boy!!

nonmember avatar Dasnia Gema

I admire you for being so comfortable to know what you like and feel comfortable in. I also admire that you are comfortable with yourself enough to allow your daughter to have a fashion sense and be able to express her feelings with you. No one should be teased for what they wear or don't wear. There is always room for improvement in any area and aspect of our lives and the freedom to choose which areas we would like to focus on in the different seasons of our lives :)

Debra... DebraE0322

I'm the same way. I won't wear it if it's not comfortable. However, my daughter has critiqued my style as well, asking if she could pick out my clothes for me, and she's only 4!

Debra... DebraE0322

Mama of a boy, that's not necessarily true. My brother insisted on picking out my mom's clothes before she came to parent/teacher conferences at school so that he wouldn't be embarrassed by her "mom clothes!"

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