Nicole Scherzinger's See-Through Wardrobe Malfunction Shows That Celebs Never Learn (PHOTO)

nicole scherzinger dressI swear, one day we will see a celebrity grace the red carpet in a beautiful, potentially-see-through dress with an actual bra or actual underwear underneath. One day, I say! Until then, it's a boobs and butt bonanza, I suppose. Former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger made an appearance at the National Television Awards in London this week, and while she was posing for photogs, her nipple covers decided it was a good time to pop up and say hi. Yes, yes, at least she had those on, but still -- is there no one in Hollywood willing to sew lining into a dress?


There really is a very easy fix to this epidemic that seems to be sweeping young Hollywood: Lining, people. It seems that if a material is somewhat stretchy or has the potential to become sheer under bright lights, a simple extra layer of fabric would do the trick. Oh, and if you have to get out of a car in front of throngs of screaming fans and paparazzi, consider undies. Just a suggestion.

Unless of course certain lovely, young starlets like "accidental" wardrobe malfunctions. Then, by all means keep it up. Yahoos like me will continue to write about them. Scout's honor.

Do you think all these wardrobe malfunctions are actual malfunctions or PR magic?


Image via Stuart Wilson/Getty

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