Can a Baggy Clothes-Loving Mom Like Me Ever Switch to Something Sexier? (PHOTOS)

closetSomething happened in the last few months and it spiraled out of control. It was my clothes. They were getting frumpier by the day. Layers and layers and layers of looseness. It became very clear when I was experimenting wearing dresses for a week that my choices were drowning me. It's been cold and the clothes kept me warm and cozy, but I didn't need to look like a human laundry pile. I needed to suck it up (perhaps literally) and out on some figure-flattering clothes. Challenge accepted!
It wasn't as easy as I thought because it's not like I could just put on skin-tight clothes and strut around. Well, I could, but no one want to see that except my husband, and that's a whole different story. This challenge was about wearing things that were a little more fitted, and not so many layers, layers, layers. Could I do it? For a whole week? Would the looks work into my future clothing rotation?


Day 1: I bought this shirt over the summer and have never worn it. It has little horses all over it -- so cute. But as you can see, it doesn't cover my butt, and I tend to wear really long shirts. I felt kind of naked, maybe that's why my smile in the photo is absent. I'm contemplating: Could I actually wear this in public? I didn't. Fail.

Day 2: I failed.

Day 3: Is it a shirt or a dress? These are my favorite kind of shirts because for me, that's way too short to be a dress without something substantial underneath. I'm wearing it with some leggings. Success and a smile!

Day 4: Snow day. I was in no condition to take photos of myself, let alone wear anything other than frumpy pants.

Day 5: I had completely forgotten about this top/mini dress thingy. I can throw a cardigan over it for warmth. This needs to be worn more and not just in the Spring. My daughter was pretending to take photos of herself too there on the bed.

Day 6: I love this sweater, a gift from my mother-in-law and it's been hiding in my drawer for far too long. It's like a peplum sweater -- so flattering. I've worn this the most since the experiment.

Day 7: Another top I forgot about! This one is short-sleeved so I wore a cropped cardigan over it.

This challenge opened my eyes to clothes I forgot about, so it was just like shopping without spending any money -- shopping my own closet. Also, peplum tops are the bomb.

Do you sometimes get caught up wearing frumpy clothes? I challenge you to try this, too!

Images via Michele Zipp

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