Taylor Swift's Breasts Make Another Appearance & Harry Styles Still Isn't Paying Attention (PHOTO)

Taylor SwiftGeez, Louise. She's obviously out to prove to the world that she's not a little girl anymore, or at least that's one possible explanation for why Taylor Swift wore another cleavage-baring dress for the 40 Principales Awards in Madrid, Spain. Yes, I said "another." Don't you remember the white gown with the plunging neckline Taylor wore to the People's Choice Awards?

Um, everyone was talking about her dress that night, and she must have liked the attention -- because while this frock is shorter and a bit more casual, it's still basically the same general style as the first one. (Although I like this dress a lot more -- it just seems to suit her better.)


And check out that look on her face -- she knows she looks good. (You go, girl.)

Even though her main fan base consists of folks from younger generations, it's highly apparent that Taylor Swift is all grown up, and she's not the least bit afraid to flaunt her not-so-ample assets.

And if she isn't trying to prove to the world that she's an independent, sexy woman, then there's really only one other logical explanation for why she's put her cleavage on display not once, but twice.

She's literally trying to rub her breasts in Harry Styles' face (and probably the faces of her other ex-boyfriends too).

Yep, Tay-Tay is out for the best kind of revenge -- looking like a million bucks so the guy you broke up with knows exactly what he gave up.

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But there's just one problem -- Harry Styles simply isn't impressed. He didn't take the bait after Taylor's People's Choice Awards dress, which means he probably isn't going to give this little number a second glance either.

Yes, Taylor looks gorgeous, and any guy in his right mind would be all over her in a heartbeat. But Harry Styles isn't your ordinary guy -- he's, like, the hottest boy band star in the world, so he has plenty of girls throwing themselves at him on a daily basis, and I'm sure a lot of them wear low-cut dresses too. (Sorry Taylor, but it's true.)

Why do you think Taylor has been so daring with her style lately?


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