Breast-Baring 'Nip-Slip Dress' Turns Wardrobe Malfunctions Into Fashion Statements


Alexandre Vautheir dressThough the majority of them are anything but intentional, wardrobe malfunctions really seem to be a dime a dozen these days. From boobs accidentally popping out on the red carpet to celebs forgetting to cross their legs while stepping out of a car, we've seen more than our fair share of exposed body parts.

But one designer must work under the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy -- because that's really the only plausible explanation for why Alexandre Vauthier debuted his "nip-slip" dress at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

Yes, I said a "nip-slip" dress -- basically a dress that fully (and deliberately) exposes one's boob for the world to see.

Don't believe me? Or do you think I'm exaggerating a bit? You won't after viewing the photos of a model wearing the breast-baring dress on the catwalk.

Oh yeah, Alexandre Vauthier went there, all right. Seriously, are you believing this little number? I mean, forget about the dress for a second -- could you honestly focus on anything else besides that model's boob? (It's ok to admit it. It's impossible not to stare at, especially since it's hanging right out of the dress.)

Ok, so I know that designers tend to get a little bit creative when it comes to high-end fashion shows and all, but if this guy actually expects anyone to wear a dress like this anywhere other than on the runway, he's got another thing coming.

Yeah, yeah, so he's kind of a hit with celebrities, but something tells me if someone showed up wearing the nip-slip dress on the red carpet, she'd quickly be ushered away and be told to cover up immediately before stepping in front of any cameras.

Then again, anything is possible with the Hollywood types these days, so maybe an intentional nip-slip wouldn't be such a big deal after all? Side-boobs are all the rage right now, so maybe full-on nudity is the next logical step.

What is your take on the nip-slip dress?


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nonmember avatar justthinkin

OF course only coming from a male designer... I think this is ridiculous... Is the fashion that bad you must attract attention to the boob.... Most girls are trying not to extenuate their boobs and here it is just out there... Right when you think the fashion word couldn't be less tasteful or classy...

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