5 'Real Housewives' With Really Hot Bikini Bodies (PHOTOS)

kelly bensimonSome of the Real Housewives have hot bodies. Plain and simple. Even if these women who are famous for being famous -- and who probably bought the majority of their body parts -- grate on your very last nerve, there's no denying that some of them look smokin' in a swimsuit. And, um, clearly they know it, being that they prance around on television in itty-bitty bikinis.

Warning: You may feel a little dirty reading this, and like you need to do something smart afterwards, but here are the 5 Hottest Housewife Bikini Bods.

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Melan... MelanieJK

Kelly has no curves anywhere so I wouldn't call her "hot".     She's built like a lanky boy. 

CAP1015 CAP1015

Kelly Bensimmon........NO!  nothing about her says Hot!  her torso looks like something of a starving native, her legs........EWWWWW......and BTW I'm a guy.  She is hot if you have a thing for anorexic victims.   Put her looks with her personality and you have an instant antidote for Viagra!

Lplummer Lplummer

Kelly has a very manly body. Nothing hot or remotely feminine about her. That looks like a photo of a malnourished drag-queen wearing a small banana hammock.

ALXtheg8 ALXtheg8

Kelly is not hot. Very masculine looking.

Tracey Napierkoski

I would have to disagree...Ramona need nt wear a bikini anymore... she is shapely but her age dictates that a one piece is better suited for her! And Kelly, YUCK! She's a giant rectangle, what about Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Barney, Kim Zolciak.You definatey flubbed this list...

nonmember avatar Victoria

ummm...don't really agree with kelly or alexis...i think Cynthia Bailey should definitely be on the list!

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