5 'Real Housewives' With Really Hot Bikini Bodies (PHOTOS)

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kelly bensimonSome of the Real Housewives have hot bodies. Plain and simple. Even if these women who are famous for being famous -- and who probably bought the majority of their body parts -- grate on your very last nerve, there's no denying that some of them look smokin' in a swimsuit. And, um, clearly they know it, being that they prance around on television in itty-bitty bikinis.

Warning: You may feel a little dirty reading this, and like you need to do something smart afterwards, but here are the 5 Hottest Housewife Bikini Bods.

  • Ramona Singer


    All I have to say here is: Ramona Singer is 55.

  • Brandi Glanville


    Really, it doesn't get much bikini-hotter than Brandi. This mom of two isn't only tall, she's literally built like a Barbie. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

  • Kelly Bensimon


    Guess we can credit her toned bod to runs throughout the streets of New York City. Whatever she's doing, it's working.

  • Alexis Bellino


    Alexis Bellino has definitely had some enhancements, but "Jesus Barbie" looks pretty damn good in a swimsuit.

  • Carole Radziwill


    Sonja Morgan pretty much summed it up when she said, "Look at the ass on Carole. No wonder Clooney did her for a year." Yep. 

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