Wearing Sweatpants With Heels Sounds Crazy but Here's How to Pull It Off

sweatpants heelsI'm going to say a phrase, and you tell me your immediate response: Sweatpants with heels. Okay, did you throw up, or were you just confused? I think when I first heard that phrase, I was about 30 percent confused and 70 percent totally grossed out. These are two great things that should have nothing to do with each other. Sweats are all about sloppy comfort. Heels are about pain and glamor. I love them both -- but not together.

That is, until I saw a few well-styled examples. Then I had to reconsider. Maybe it's just the really cold weather, but I'm starting to believe what sounds like a major fashion don't actually can work. There's something so-wrong-it's-right about the look. So let's go there. Here's how to rock a sexy pair of heels with cozy sweats.


A quick perusal around Pinterest gives a few pointers. Here's a sweatpants-heels combo that really works. A few more examples here. This is what I see happening to turn weird into strangely hot.

  • Serious neutral colors: Stick with traditional gray for the sweatpants, plus black, navy blue, camel, or white elsewhere. Not the Juicy pink.
  • No prints: No flowers, no cute prints. The one exception -- zebra stripes look great for shoes. I would not try to pull off leopard print with this fashion experiment, though.
  • Blazer: I think the blazer on top helps tie the shoes and the pants together. It all makes sense now! I especially love a shaggy faux fur jacket.
  • Soft tee: The shirts are all soft, relaxed t-shirts -- not button-ups, not tight baby t's, certainly not cropped.
  • Fierce and feminine shoes: The heels I'm seeing either have pointed toes, or ankle straps, or they have something else bad-ass going on with them. No chunky heels! No rounded toes. No wedges.

I think in the spring a really confident woman could probably work a pop of color into these looks (pistachio? tangerine?). But you'd really have to know what you're doing. As for me -- it's too cold for any shoes without socks, but I have a benefit coming up where I'll be doing a lot of running around. I just might try and pull this off!

Would you ever try wearing sweatpants with heels?


Image via CircleFashionCF/Twitter 

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