Kendall Jenner's 'Nude' Photo Shoot Isn't What It Seems

kendall jennerThe Kardashians' lil' sis, Kendall Jenner, may be all of 17 years old, but she already seems to have a pretty sweet modeling career going. She's actually been signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina modeling agency since she was just 14 and has done runway modeling in addition to print. And while she's gotten her fair share of attention for not only being a talented model, but for being related to Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, no one's ever really flipped out over any of her gigs. Until now.

Kendall is suddenly getting lots of attention for a photo she recently posted to Instagram from a shoot she did for the April issue of the Australian magazine Kurv. The buzz may have something to do with the fact that in the pic, she appears to be wearing nothing but a messy hairdo and black paint around her neck and collarbone.


As a result, the pic is being deemed super-sexy and even "nude." Inquiring minds want to know if perhaps the rest of the photo shoot features Kendall sans clothing or, at the very least, in similarly sexy, hinting-at-nude styling. And oooh, isn't that risque, especially being that she's 17?! Might this be a sign of much more grownup professional moves to come? (Please ... no ... sex tapes!!)

When it comes to the Kardashians, we wouldn't be surprised by any of them -- yes, even Kendall or sis Kylie -- pulling some kind of "controversial" or "risque" stunt. But in this case, it looks like the photo shoot was completely artistic in nature. Not X-rated, or even R. Yeah, her collarbone and shoulders are bare ... But hello, who hasn't heard of tube tops, strapless dresses, strapless bikini tops, etc.?

If Kurv's description as a magazine devoted to "Fashion Beauty Art Culture Style" is any indication, I think we can rest assured that the photo shoot will turn out to be more avant-garde than too "adult."

What do you think about the pic from Kendall's photo shoot?

Image via E!

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