Military Wives' Sexy Photo Shoots for Their Husbands Make the Time Apart a Little Easier

modelThe pin-up girls in the '20s may have started the trend, but the real wives of military men nowadays certainly own it. Evidently, it's becoming more and more popular for women to hire a professional photographer to take sexy snapshots that they can then send to their soldiers overseas. The pics, for the most part, are very tasteful and rather becoming -- photographer Daphne Hargrove aims to capture her subjects in flattering poses that show off their best assets.

It's a brilliant idea that every military wife should consider because, I mean, why not?

Nothing wrong with sending your boyfriend or husband a little pick-me-up while he's serving abroad. Some of the wives interviewed said the pics help remind their spouses what's waiting for them at home. After months and months of bleak scenery, I'm sure seeing their ladies in a bikini on the beach is a welcome change.

Plus, the photo spread is a nice escape for the women, too. With their partners gone, they're left to take care of the house, kids, bills, etc., and I'd bet getting dressed up in fun outfits and posing for some great pics is a treat for these women who do so much.

Hargrove encourages her subjects to wear something they feel good in, then finds soft light and a seductive setting to make the magic happen.

Overall, this trend kinda reminds me of those "morning after" wedding shots that allegedly capture the closeness and the happiness a couple feels the morning after their wedding night, only there's no husband, and no real "TMI" factor.

For that reason alone, I'm on board.

Would you send a sexy shot to your husband or boyfriend serving in the military?


Photo via judacoregio/Flickr



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nonmember avatar Ashton

I did send sexy pics to my hubby in Iraq. He was gone for 15 months after we'd been married for 3. He loved them and I sent a disc so he could hide them

On his comp in deep files and burn the disc:)

linzemae linzemae

These wives are hot!

ArmyB... ArmyBoo86

I have one scheduled for next month :) I'm super excited

nonmember avatar Kristi

My big sister does these, she loves helping the women make themselves feel sexy, even if they start out not feeling it.

kelti... kelticmom

The first time my husband was deployed, I was pregnant. I had some really tasteful, nearly nude pics taken with my belly and sent them to him. He loved it! The past two times he's been deployed, he took pics himself to take with him.

nonmember avatar Dlynn S

I had Calendar made with my pics & my hubby LOVED IT. It hung on his room wall during his deployment! He's deploying again in a few months & I'm thinking of getting more done for him.

Garen Smith

hmm im good with just sending naked pictures! hahaha screw the tease pictures he doesnt have time for that!! plus im sure he is looking at other porn not just you i say a waste of money!

nonmember avatar NCC

I know there are a lot of military couples that do this, but it's just plain getting popular in general. Boudoir pics are advertised for Valentine's Day, long distance relationships, wedding gifts, or just pick me up's. One I looked up even advertised going for the bachlorette party. Some are really pretty or cool looking...some are cheesy. I planned on scheduling once my goal weight was met!

nonmember avatar Ashley

I did it! After my husband got back though. I was 4 months pregnant and felt gross because I was already huge, but he loved them.

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