Kate Upton's 'Leaked' Super Bowl Commercial Is H-O-T (VIDEO)

kate uptonHave you seen Kate Upton's "leaked" Super Bowl ad? She's hot in it! I know, shocker, right? In the sneak peek for the ad (yes, there are commercials for commercials), the Sports Illustrated model can be seen standing around and generally being sexy while a bunch of dudes hand wash a Mercedes in slow-mo. An old spin on the classic, eh?

But one thing Kate's got going on in the ad really caught my eye. I have a feeling it may start a massive beauty trend, because, really, it couldn't be easier.


Her hair. It's short(ish)! Groundbreaking? Yeeeaa-no. But think about it: How many sex symbols are without long, wavy locks cascading down their backs? In fact, if you Google Image "sexy model" right now, a bunch of photos of women while long, thick, wild extensions locks will result. Along with some other weird shit, so maybe don't do that at work.

Personally, I'm a long-haired gal -- it's just how I look best and feel most comfortable. But part of me kind of wishes I wasn't. I'd love to have a cute, bob-type of haircut. Not only do I think they're adorable, they're different. Cool story, bro!

Anyway, enough of me prattling on about hair and bobs and weird Google Image searches. Here's what you really came here for: Kate Upton's leaked (by Mercedes) Super Bowl ad.

What do you think?


Image via mbusa/YouTube

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