LeAnn Rimes' Ridiculous New Hair Almost Makes Us Feel Sorry for Her (VIDEO)

LeAnn RimesOh, man. Considering just how much grief she receives for anything she does, wears, says, or thinks -- I really feel kind of bad making fun of LeAnn Rimes. The poor woman has definitely taken a bigger beating in the media than anyone probably deserves, but after seeing LeAnn's crazy hair on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I just can't resist throwing my two cents in.

OMG, people. What in the sam-hell is going on here?!?

The general consensus seems to be that this hairdo makes her resemble Johnny Cash or James Dean -- but when I saw it, that Flock of Seagulls guy came to mind as well. (And so did Vanilla Ice.)


Ok, you have to get the full effect of the hair before we discuss any further, so check out this clip of LeAnn on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then we'll talk some more.


Huh? Oh, LeAnn. I'm sorry, honey, but I just don't get it. And if this is some sort of new hair trend that's been around for months that I've somehow turned a blind eye to, I'm sure you can understand why.

It's almost like she was aiming for a sophisticated updo and went way overboard on the teasing, and then it was too late to fix things before she had to be on set. Yes, volume is usually a good thing, but too much oomph obviously has the potential to result in a major hair fail.

And another thing -- just how much hairspray did LeAnn (or her stylist) have to use to get her coif to stay in that side swept position? Do they really make a firm hold that does that good of a job?

(If so, I'm thinking I need to pick up a can before Halloween rolls around.)

What do you think of LeAnn's crazy hair? (Go ahead, give her your best shot.)


Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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