6 Natural-Looking Celebrities You'd Never Guess Use Botox & Fillers

Sophia VergaraFacial fillers and Botox are incredibly popular in Hollywood because they are a great way to shave years off your face without going under the knife -- if your plastic surgeon knows what he's doing, that is. We've all seen what happens when doctors go overboard with the needle -- that constantly frozen, pillow-faced look a la Real Housewives. But you'd be surprised how many celebrities are using fillers and Botox and who come out looking like ... well, themselves! Dr. Robert Guida, a leading facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan who does these procedures daily, says fillers and Botox done right do not look "fake" at all. "If people start looking the same, the surgeon is doing it wrong," he says. "Fillers should enhance one's facial expressions, natural appearance, and individuality." 

Here are 6 examples of celebrities who have probably, almost definitely gotten a little facial smoothing and plumping, but who look so natural you'd never guess in a million years.



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britt... brittneyleigh88

The only ones who don't look like they completely worship a needle are George clooney and Amy pohler.

abra819 abra819

sophia gbleh bleh...is not good looking. like, at all.

Silve... Silvernail

There's no proof for any if these, all you have is one doctors speculations. While I don't doubt that some of them have had something done the guess of one doctor does not equal proof.


@Courtastic:I know what you mean. I wish they would say the exact number of slides. Bad enough its a slide show. I just don't go to the last one.

kingasdf kingasdf

love thi's <3 :))))"

Melan... MelanieJK

The housewives of Miami look like they all have the same plastic surgeon trying to make them all look like they're wearing the same freaky mask!      It seems like there's a commonality by city/region so either it's a common opinion of what looks good or they all go to the same treatment facilities.

I read somewhere that in general actively practicing actors (vs celebs) have to avoid looking overdone because it impacts their ability to get roles and play characters who wouldn't get anything done.

JoJo151 JoJo151

Sophia Vergara's face looks shockingly rodent-like. Her Pepsi commercials have her looking like a rodent.

nonmember avatar TL

Take out Sofia V from the slide show. Her face screams Botox and fillers

nonmember avatar vipin

Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.

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