6 Natural-Looking Celebrities You'd Never Guess Use Botox & Fillers

6 Natural-Looking Celebrities You'd Never Guess Use Botox & Fillers

Sophia VergaraFacial fillers and Botox are incredibly popular in Hollywood because they are a great way to shave years off your face without going under the knife -- if your plastic surgeon knows what he's doing, that is. We've all seen what happens when doctors go overboard with the needle -- that constantly frozen, pillow-faced look a la Real Housewives. But you'd be surprised how many celebrities are using fillers and Botox and who come out looking like ... well, themselves! Dr. Robert Guida, a leading facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan who does these procedures daily, says fillers and Botox done right do not look "fake" at all. "If people start looking the same, the surgeon is doing it wrong," he says. "Fillers should enhance one's facial expressions, natural appearance, and individuality." 

Here are 6 examples of celebrities who have probably, almost definitely gotten a little facial smoothing and plumping, but who look so natural you'd never guess in a million years.



  • Naomi Watts


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    The 44-year-old mom has said, "There are days I feel I'm 100 years old and I'm an inch away from doing something." Dr. Guida suspects she already has, specifically in her cheeks. Fillers are the only enhancement that provides fuller cheeks -- a popular request that when done right can lift the face and minimize wrinkles in problem areas, such as under the eyes, he says.

  • Ryan Seacrest


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    How does Seacrest still look like he's 30 when he's almost 40? The TV host likes to shrug off plastic surgery rumors but Dr. Guida suspects he's gotten some subtle plumping in his nasolabial folds around the mouth, and possibly around the cheeks, while not completely erasing every single line from his face -- which screams of filler overuse.

  • George Clooney


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    The 51-year-old actor definitely looks "smoother" in his older years, while still preserving his face's character and rugged good looks -- the mark of a skilled filler doc! "An inexperienced surgeon will inject in areas that deflect the natural movement of the face," Dr. Guida explains. "For instance, fillers placed on the top of cheeks cause the eyes to move upwards, which gives the appearance of unnatural tightness. When fillers are placed on the fullest part of the cheeks, they give a natural supple look, which also lifts other features, such as the jaw line and corners of the mouth."

  • Sophia Vergara


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    The just turned 40-year-old has been open about her plans for a breast lift when the time comes, but she's never talked about her face -- because she hasn't had to! She's obviously got a great plastic surgeon for those fillers in her cheeks and lips to enhance her naturally gorgeous features.

  • Jennifer Lopez


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    The 43-year-old mom told People magazine last month that she's never had Botox or any work done on her face, but doesn't rule it out in the future -- but Dr. Guida suspects JLo has had some subtle filler help, specifically around her lips.

  • Amy Poehler


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    The funny mom of two looks gorgeous and fresh-faced at 41. Dr. Guida says Poehler is the perfect example of how small doses of injectables will work with the natural movement of the face. "Amy looks to have had Botox in her crow's feet and potentially some Restylane in her lips."

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