6 Natural-Looking Celebrities You'd Never Guess Use Botox & Fillers

Sophia VergaraFacial fillers and Botox are incredibly popular in Hollywood because they are a great way to shave years off your face without going under the knife -- if your plastic surgeon knows what he's doing, that is. We've all seen what happens when doctors go overboard with the needle -- that constantly frozen, pillow-faced look a la Real Housewives. But you'd be surprised how many celebrities are using fillers and Botox and who come out looking like ... well, themselves! Dr. Robert Guida, a leading facial plastic surgeon in Manhattan who does these procedures daily, says fillers and Botox done right do not look "fake" at all. "If people start looking the same, the surgeon is doing it wrong," he says. "Fillers should enhance one's facial expressions, natural appearance, and individuality." 

Here are 6 examples of celebrities who have probably, almost definitely gotten a little facial smoothing and plumping, but who look so natural you'd never guess in a million years.




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