Britney Spears’ Side Boob Style Is a Great Post-Breakup Look (VIDEO)

britney spearsWhat do you do when you've quit your multimillion-dollar job, you break up with your fiance, and your ex husband's brother claims he's your baby daddy? You blow off a little steam with some side boob. Britney Spears stepped out sans engagement ring avec "sloob" in Beverly Hills Friday, and it was really something. There it was -- Britney Spears' side boob -- for all the world to see.

Hey, I'm just thrilled she's wearing shoes.


Baby steps when it comes to Britney's style, OK? She's never been one to really impress anyone with her fashion sense. I mean, we praise her when she wears an Herve Leger dress and we're really excited when her hair looks combed, but truth be told, it's because we all hold Britney to a lower standard than other stars her age in the public eye. So when half her breast is hanging out, no one's shocked. We're all just like, yeah, that makes sense.

Because when you've worn cut-off jean shorts for three years straight and your fake hair in a woven tapestry of tangles on top of your head for the better part of a decade, a revealing dress is nothing to gawk at.

Plus, Brit's single. If she wants to show off her body to get a little attention, I say werk, grrl. If that's what's making her happy right now, there's nothing wrong with it.

And if you're offended by Britney's sloob, remember, things could always be worse:

Do you think Britney's outfit is hot or not?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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