Michelle Obama's Inaugural Style: Which Looks Stunned & Which Ones Flopped? (PHOTOS)

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michelle obama swearing in obama january 20Sure, Inauguration Day was about swearing President Obama in for his second term, but fashionistas 'round the world had their attention turned to something else entirely for the past 48 hours: First Lady Michelle Obama's wardrobe, obvs! We waited with bated breath to know what she wore, who designed it, and how fabulous -- or not so fabulous -- it was, especially when compared to past looks. 

Here, a run-down of her four highest-profile styles from Inauguration 2013 ...

For the private, quiet swearing-in ceremony that took place on Sunday, January 20 at the White House, Michelle donned a deep royal blue, A-line dress with a matching cardigan, both by American designer Reed Krakoff, who is the president and executive creative director of Coach, Inc. Although it was may have been the least "visible" -- since she only wore it for a short time during the brief Sunday ceremony -- the slightly retro look may have been my fave overall!

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Here's the look in action ...

The next day, we saw her in the preppy, custom navy jacquard coat and dress by suit designer Thom Browne, cinched at the waist with a glitzy rhinestone belt from J.Crew and bright purple gloves also by J.Crew (which both sold out online almost right away), paired initially with a low J.Crew heel and, later, with knee-high, suede, low-heeled boots by Reed Krakoff. It seemed like everyone adored this look, with the Crew gloves and belt selling out almost instantly, and Elle's Joe Zee tweeting: "@FLOTUS SO CHIC in her #ThomBrowne navy coat," Sandra Bernhard calling the coat "forward and brilliant," supermodel Lily Aldridge tweeting simply, "gorgeous," and designer Christian Siriano proclaimed the FLOTUS a fashion "legend." Score!

first lady thom browne coat

Then, for the inaugural balls, the FLOTUS wore a ruby-colored chiffon and velvet gown by Jason Wu (who created her memorable, white one-shoulder gown for the first inauguration in 2009). She paired it with Jimmy Choo shoes and a diamond-embellished ring by Kimberly McDonald for a look that was definitely wow-worthy. But something about the mixed materials of the dress -- and the not-all-that-flattering cut -- was a turnoff. Not my all-time fave look on the FLOTUS, but she was still stunning!

michelle obama barack obama inaugural ball 2013 

What was your favorite Inaugural look on the First Lady?


Images via WhiteHouse/YouTube; MAI/Splash News; MAI/Splash News

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mande... manderspanders

As long as my tax dollars aren't paying for it, I don't care what she wears.

miche... micheledo

Personally, I have NEVER understood all the rave reviews for her style.  But I do love that red dress and the coat she is wearing at the swearing in!

handy... handy0318

All the outfits looked great and each was appropriate for the venue she wore it to.  I thought the red dress stunning.  Michelle isn't exactly a thin person, but she has an awesome upper body. The dress emphasized the good parts of her body and minimized the heavier parts...something we all strive for, do we not? (The hair was fantastic!)

mande... manderspanders

Michelle Obama isn't thin?!?!?!  What world are you living in, handy0318?  She looks great; is obviously a fit woman and a healthy size.  It's reported that she wears a size 8. 

In what world is that not thin????????????????????????????

nonmember avatar Truth Teller

handy, I should be so 'not thin'!

handy... handy0318

Don't mistake, I'm not saying she's at all fat... just that she carries her weight more on her bum, hips and thighs, like many if not most moms do.  She's shaped like a full grown woman who has has babies, with curves...not thin in the way Gwyneth Paltrow or Keira Knightley is. That's why I thought the dress was so awesome...it fully emphasized her great upper body and minimized the lower body. 

bills... billsfan1104

I love the red dress and the coat.

mande... manderspanders

Handy, I think you're part of the problem... any person in society who sees a woman in a size 8 at "not thin" has issues.

Basically, you base size stereotypes on what the media have sold you - that you should be waif like and a size 0 to be labeled as thin (even though that is hardly a healthy body to have... I'd classify Keira Knightly as "heroin chic" and rather unsightly).

Michelle Obama IS thin.  And she probably has problem spots like most of us do, no matter our size. Fortunately, she knows how to dress herself.  But I think it is downright disgusting to say that because she is shaped like woman who has had babies, she is somehow not thin.

Any mother who can rock a size 8 has got it going on! 

momav... momavanessa

@manderspanders She pays for all her outfits out of her own pocket.

momav... momavanessa

She looks great! I love her bangs!

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