'RHOBH' Kyle Richards' Secrets for Unbelievably Sexy Hair

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kyle richardsI think it's safe to say that the stars of all the Real Housewives shows were put on this earth to entertain us, not to be "style icons". There's a whole lot of glitter, extensions, and stripper heels going on within the confines of the Housewives franchise. And that's why we love them. However, once in a while, we do want in on a beauty secret or two of theirs. Like, how the hell does Kyle Richards' hair look so damn good all the time? It's long; it's shiny; and she can whip it around atop her head like a lasso. In a nutshell, I want it.

If you're curious as to how the 44-year-old mom manages to have hair nicer than most 14-year-olds, look no further. Here are the secrets behind Kyle Richards' amazing hair.

Kyle reportedly "swears by" a Swiss-made vitamin called Nourage. The active ingredient in Nourage is keratin, which is a natural protein that gives hair follicles "the nutrients they need in order to grow healthier, stronger hair." You take three tablets twice a day, and supposedly will see "striking results" within three to four months. A jar of 180 vitamins is $60. If this price is a little steep for you, other supplements that are reportedly beneficial to hair are biotin and Viviscal. (I took Viviscal when I started losing my hair after I had my daughter -- it really works.)

Richards also eschews heat and styling tools on her hair. (If you watch the show, you've seen her air-drying her hair many times.) Anyone who's used a flat-iron knows this is true -- they fry your hair beyond belief. Kyle told E!: "Go as easy as you can with heat styling, and if you must, keep the temperature settings low." Noted.

Lastly, Kyle keeps styling products on her hair to a minimum -- sprays, serums, etc. She says they can dull the shine and cause build up in your hair over time. Got it. But one question, Kyle: What if our hair is dull to begin with? We aren't all tress-blessed like you!

So, there you have it. Real hair tips for a Real Housewife. Seems easy enough. We should all have hair like Kyle in no time ... right?

What's your hair regimen?

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