Jennifer Aniston Reveals Beauty Secret We Can Actually Afford to Try

jennifer anistonLet's be real for a moment. As "aspirational" as Jennifer Aniston looks -- as a 43-year-old or just as a human being -- most of us look at her with envy, figuring she's either got super-secretive Hollywood beauty tricks up her sleeve and/or she's paying someone astronomical amounts of money to make/help her look that way. But apparently ... no! The actress has "come out" as a fan of the totally affordable skincare brand, Aveeno. In fact, she adores it so much that she's now the "face and body" of the line.

Of her new gig, she told People, "I'm very particular about what I put on my face and body, and have been using Aveeno for years. So this partnership is a natural fit for me." Aveeno sounds equally psyched about the deal ...


The brand said in a statement:

Jennifer’s holistic approach to life and her natural beauty are such a perfect match for Aveeno. We are pleased to welcome Jennifer to the Aveeno family.

It definitely makes sense. I've always been a fan of Aveeno, as well, because they're a readily available, low price-point drugstore brand made with more natural ingredients than a lot of brands. And as much help as she may also be getting from pricey Hollywood beauty products and treatments, Jen's "holistic approach" does seem in great part to credit for her amazing skin ... and hair ... and body. Ha.

For instance, she drinks "100 ounces" of water (or 12 1/2 glasses) a day, which I'm sure does wonders for keeping her skin hydrated. She's also reportedly relied on vitamin E capsules, which she opens and smooths onto her shins and elbows. And of course, we know she's a yoga devotee, which helps keep her glowing from the inside-out.

Plus, Aveeno promises that along with the ad campaigns later in the year, Jen will be revealing even more of her personal beauty tips, too. Looking forward to it!

What do you think about Jen's new campaign?


Image via Thelonius/Splash News

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