Michelle Obama's Bangs Are the Perfect Look for Every Working Mom (PHOTO)

michelle obmaa

What do Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian have in common? I mean, besides their love for smart and successful black men? Bangs. They now have bangs in common. The First Lady recently tweeted a picture in which she debuted her new stylish hairdo. Perhaps FLOTUS, whose 49th birthday was Thursday, has decided to ring in the new year and her new age with some fun-loving bangs?


Can't say I disagree with that. Mrs. Obama wore a headband the whole time while vacationing in Hawaii, so it's hard to say when she got her new haircut, but it doesn't matter because it's working. She looks professional and polished yet trendy and hip. It really looks great on her -- wonder if Sasha and/or Malia will follow suit?

Michelle's been somewhat of a style icon (well, "icon" is a strong word, but you know what I'm saying) so it's no surprise that she's updated her look to stay with the current trends. Plus, bangs are a great style for working moms. They're "in", relatively hassle-free, and totally versatile.

Whether she's wearing a J. Crew sweater-set or a Narciso Rodriguez gown, Michelle always looks appropriate without looking stuffy -- a feat in her line of work if ever there was one.

Mrs. O celebrated her birthday (and her bangs) with a nice dinner out in Georgetown -- here's to the new look and the new year for FLOTUS, and may she never, ever have anything in common with Kim Kardashian ever again. Ever.

Do you like Michelle's new bangs?


Photo via FLOTUS/Twitter

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