Jennifer Lopez's 'Old & Haggard' Magazine Cover Makes Us Love Her Even More (PHOTO)

Jennifer Lopez People coverWe're all notorious for being our own worst critics when it comes to our appearances, and apparently celebrities are no exception. According to Page Six, Jennifer Lopez is upset about her new People cover, because she and her team think she looks "old and haggard" in the photo that was used.

And if that description isn't bad enough, supposedly friends also compared J Lo. to 70-year-old designer Betsey Johnson -- all because of her hair (in particular the straight style and bangs.)

Of course, Jennifer's team insists they are "very pleased" with the way the cover turned out, or at least that's what they told Page Six when they reached out to them. (But honestly, what the heck else would you expect them to say? It's People, for crying out loud.)


Ok, so let's just assume for a second that the claims about Jennifer not digging her cover photo are true, and she really does think the image makes her look old and haggard.

All I can say, is if that's what she considers to be old and haggard, I'd like to know where I need to go to sign up for some oldness and haggardness too -- because Jen looks pretty damn good to me.

Yeah, yeah -- so her hair doesn't look as great straight as it does when she's got more volume and oomph going on, but overall, this shot of Jennifer is adorable. She looks natural and fresh versus being all glammed up, you know -- she looks like a regular mom, which is a good thing.

I know she's a celeb and all, but everyone also knows she's a 43-year-old mom of twins, and nobody really expects her to look like she's 21 anymore. That's just not realistic, and honestly, seeing a photo of her where she's all done up and airbrushed to perfection makes it so much harder for us to relate to her.

With this People cover, she looks like one of my girlfriends who I'd go out and grab a glass of wine with on a Friday night to enjoy a couple of kid-free hours chatting and having fun, not some untouchable famous person who I have nothing in common with. Isn't it better for fans to see you as a real human being than just another celebrity who's desperate to turn back the hands of time?

Do you think this People cover makes Jennifer look old and haggard?


Image via People

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