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7 ‘Real Housewives’ With the Worst Plastic Surgery (And That’s Saying a Lot) (PHOTOS)

surgeryThe Real Housewives love them some plastic surgery as much as I love a box of Sour Patch Kids and a dark room. Whether they're from New York, L.A., Atlanta, New Jersey, or Miami, there's always someone in the cast who just doesn't know when to say when. The fillers, the Botox, the breasts the size and density of butternut squash ... some of these women have gone under the knife and emerged for the worse.

Here's a look at the 7 Housewives with just terrible plastic surgery.

Photo via BravoTV

1Mama Elsa

It's like Mama Elsa from the RHOM is made of clay and covered in makeup.

2Taylor Armstrong

If you think she looks surprised, no, that's just how Taylor from RHOBH looks all the time thanks to Botox.

3Lynne Curtin

Lynne from the RHOC's face is so tight she can't even talk. That, or those pills she takes have been kicking in stronger than usual.

4Adrienne Maloof

Adrienne from the RHOBH actually just heard her dog died, but her face is frozen in that position. She'd make a sad face if she could.

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5Jill Zarin

Jill Zarin of the RHONY denies any plastic surgery, which, LOL.

6Lisa Hochstein

Lisa from the RHOM married a plastic surgeon and claims she's his best advertisement, but really, no. Just, no.


I thought she was worth a second slide.


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