Eva Longoria's Golden Globes Wardrobe Malfunction May Have Been a Set-Up

eva longoria golden globesBack when Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan were having wardrobe malfunctions all over town, I kinda lacked sympathy for 'em. Sure, paparazzi could be brutal, but it almost seemed like they were asking for trouble by running around in mini-dresses sans undies. And it's hard to feel bad for anyone who puts themselves in that position, you know? But these days, more and more seemingly put-together stars are having what looks like a real "whoops!" blush-worthy moment, as opposed to a full-on publicity stunt. For example, take what happened to Eva Longoria at a post-Golden Globes party earlier this week ...

While she headed down the red carpet at the InStyle-Warner Bros. party with hairstylist (and Jessica Simpson BFF!) Ken Paves, paparazzi got a shot of her breast peeking just slightly out of her already revealing black Pucci dress. Agghh


One could argue that uber-cleavage-bearing dresses like Eva's, which were super popular at the Globes (yes, go on, feel free to make a pun-ny joke in your head) this year, are kinda in a way lending themselves to "nip-slip" wardrobe malfunctions in the same way not wearing undies with a mini-dress lends itself to accidental booty or vajayjay exposure. Or that maybe a bit of fashion tape could have prevented this from happening. While I could see the merit in either one of those points, my heart still goes out to Eva for this.

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It seems like the photog got her breast at a certain angle and sort of "created" the wardrobe malfunction, if you will. As opposed to her breast actually popping out whilst trotting the red carpet. Even if it did slip out and say "peekaboob!" (as the Mirror so eloquently put it) on its own, oh well. I'm sure the incident isn't causing the actress all that much stress. Nor should it.

What do you make of this wardrobe malfunction?


Image via Splash News

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