6 Shocking 'Real Housewife' Beauty Transformations (PHOTOS)

teresa giudiceOne of my favorite things to do is retroactively watch episodes of now-famous reality TV shows. Particularly the Kardashians and The Real Housewives. I love seeing how the women have drastically changed their appearances since becoming bona-fide(ish) celebrities. The more money they get, the more "work" they've had done. Nose jobs, boob jobs, lipo, hair extensions, veneers. You name it, they've done it. Well, some of them have done it. And although I hate to admit it, because it's a little bit like cheating -- they look great.

Here are 6 shocking before and after shots of the most drastic Real Housewife transformations. Season 1 is nothing but a distant memory for these ladies.

Image via Splash

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rhps2000 rhps2000

Hate slides.

Mason... MasonsMom503

Nothing shocking! Come on!

nonmember avatar Kelly Portales

Why is Lauren on here-shes not even a housewife! Gtfoh

shell... shellyplatz

That was stupid. I expected to see Kim from Atlanta, she used to look like her face was plastic in the first couple seaons.

nonmember avatar Nadine

It would have been better if the pictures were side by side and had the alterations listed.

For example:

Jill was axed approx 2 years ago, that's 24com of hair growth - could the hair not be hers?

Caroline has list weight and become healthy -a positive thing. That's hardly cosmetic changes or even related to money.

Lauren -(not a housewife) had lap band surgery. That's bariatric surgery not cosmetic surgery.

Photos taken at a distance (Gretchen) make it hard to see anything.

This is like some if those before and after photos on infomercials - fake and/or hardly comparable.

chame... chamelinmom

i like their before looks better than their after

bugdo... bugdoodle313

Lauren looks amazing now!

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