Amanda Bynes' Cheek Piercing Is a Painful Reminder of Her Problems

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Amanda BynesI'm just going to come right out and say it -- Amanda Bynes' new facial piercing is freaky. She tweeted a picture of it this week, and it makes me wince just to look at it.

Maybe it's some sort of a fake or something for a movie deal (fingers crossed), but if she really put a hole in her face then, first -- ouch! And second -- why?

Tattoos, body piercings, shaved heads, what have you, I typically figure to each his or her own when it comes to personal expression (and silently pray my children NEVER consider any of them). But this -- for her -- feels like yet another cry for help.

Bynes has been on what seems to be such a self-destructive and bizarre course for so long now, so I suppose it's not surprising. It seemingly started back in 2010 when she announced she was done with acting forever. She was 23, so it seemed just a smidgen premature, but she reportedly did it because no one wanted to work with her and her freaky ways.

Then there was a series of driving disasters last year -- from TWO cases of driving on a suspended license to DUI, to so many hit-and-runs we lost count. There were also reports of her locking herself in a bathroom in New York and going crazy talking to herself in a gym and getting thrown out. And on and on, with no reports that she got any kind of help of support that she seemingly needed.

So in the scheme of things, a facial piercing probably isn't all that crazy I suppose, and at least it's not putting anyone else in danger. But still it seems almost her saddest move of them all. It's pretty hard to ignore.

I know there are plenty of proponents of facial piercings, and that's fine. But in Amanda's case, it just seems like another sad cry for help and NOT just a fashion accessory.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes' facial piercing?


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dannix7x dannix7x

Maybe you should reconsider writing a beauty and style article when you don't know what is beautiful or in style.

Heather Merge

Wow! Who knew it could be so easy to sit behind and computer and completely judge someone on their appearance! From a coffee house, I'm sure! Intolerance at it's best! Although, I am not a fan or really even know who Amanda Bynes is, her choice to express herself is none of your damn business. Sure, celebrities are always going to be in the spot light but you are just a mean, intolerant bitch. It's sad that your days are largely influenced by the seats you nab and whether a protein plate is available. Please go out and find a real life and meet some new and interesting people!! You could start with the ones that you are so hateful toward!!

nonmember avatar michele

I'm sorry but you are ignorant. It's an implant not a peircing. I had 1/2 my face ripped off by a dog when I was 5. I have scars. When I was young it made really shy.When I was 16 I got my nose peirced twice. It gave me courage. I'm on the eve of turning 30 now and still rock the hell out of them. Maybe Amanda's scars are on the inside who are you to judge her. That girl has been working most of her life and is now trying to find her true self.

nonmember avatar Prettypinkie

What the hell is going on with her , I can't believe that she would do something like this to herself and its in the wrong PLEACE for one. If your going to do dum things like that you really should get in done right .

angie... angiepangie727

I'm sorry but.... you say that body piercings, tattoos etc are "to each their own" for you, so, what, except when it's a celebrity?  So because it's Amanda Bynes and because she has been having trouble, the piercing is a cry for help?  If you didn't know her, at all, and just passed her on the street, would you say the same thing???  Who are you to judge people so harshly? It's really not any of your business what she is doing ,despite her celebrity or your job, you know? But this is such a trivial thing (the piercing) for you to call a "cry for help" that it doesn't make any sense to me why you have..

ashes... ashes2ashes831

This is a dermal I have dimple piercings which these aren't. Fyi I'm not "crying" for help:) lol

nonmember avatar JLM

This is quite a popular piercing, and you are quite ignorant.

Heath... HeatherJo11

Pretty pinkie-it is not "in the wrong PLEACE" or place, for that matter. These piercings/ dermals can be put in several places on the face. If you don't believe me, check your local piercing shop or google it.

nonmember avatar Johnson Mams

I am seriosly shocked by your statements in this article. There is nothing wrong with piercings, tattoos, etc and getting them is NOT a cry for help. What she has is a dermal and they are VERY popular. I have a friend with 10 of them.

nonmember avatar Allexondra

That was the most ignorant article I have ever read. I am female, a MOM, I have tattoos, dermal implants (5 of them), several other piercings, and am rocking the side shave. None of these things are a "cry for help". I did it because I LIKE IT. I pray for your children and your EXTREMELY close-minded attitude. Live a little.

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